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Gym Session

Gym work day.
30 minutes treadmill: interval training. (15 minutes 3.5 pace with 0% gradient / 15 minutes increasing pace 5.5 to 7.5 with 5% gradient). 10 minutes Stepper (increasing steps every two minutes from 30 to 110). Weights:

100 calf raises with 60lbs total weight.
50 calf raises with 70lbs total weight.
50 leg raise (machine)  with 23kgs.

25 leg raises with 27kgs.

10 leg raises with 32kgs.

5 leg raises with 50kgs.

50 leg curls (machine) with 23kgs.
25 leg curls with 32kgs.
10 leg curls with 41kgs.

5 leg curls with 55kgs.

20 decline crunches with 15kg extra weight.
10 minutes treadmill at 4.0 pace and 15% incline.
2 minutes treadmill at 2.5 pace and 15% incline with 2 x 30 second intervals at 8.0 pace and 15% incline.
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