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Comfort Zone

in 2007, I completed the London Marathon.

In 2008, I completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

In 2014, I will complete the Lantau Vertical (7km), The Midsummers Aberdeen Race (18km) , Moontrekker 33km, The Lantau Two Peaks 21km, MSIG 50km Series (24km).

In 2015, who knows where I will go.

These are literally the starting blocks, the foundations, of what I aim to do. I am not an athlete. I am not an ironman. I am someone who wants to push my body to the limit. I want to see what happens when I hit that 50km, that 70km, that 100km, that 100 mile.

It isn’t about having the athleticism  of the next guy or woman. It isn’t about being the best there is. It is about being the best that YOU can be. I am not intending on winning these races, for from it. I want to win me. I want to beat me. I want to be better than me. I want to push myself beyond the comfort zone and see what happens. I cannot wait.

If I can do it, you can.

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    • Thanks so much for reading! Luckily Im off for the summer holidays so can spend some time running. Love your photo of the Grand Canyon. Planning on going there in April. What was the trail you ran?


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