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The Hills Are Alive…

I did it.

I clicked the button.

I typed in my name.

I added my credit card information.

I clicked again.

It confirmed my place.

I am running a 70 km race.

The Salomon Lantau 70. 

Oh shit, what have I done!?!

A 70 km (43.4 miles). just slightly more than a marathon and half combined. Over hills. Lots of hills. I don’t like hills but they will be my best friend by the time this comes around. The whole idea is both exciting and petrifying. I can’t wait to do this. I have mental images of me at the top of Lantau Peak smiling, laughing, joyful, alive. At the same time I have this other mental image zooming into my knees and ankles, seeing my bones crumbling and shattering as I sing “… the hills are alive…”

The route takes you a round Lantau Island. On the website it states:

The race takes place over extremely varied terrain, from rough, steep mountainous singletrack to flat concrete footpaths and covers the whole 70km (3300 D+) of the Lantau Trail. “

This will be the biggest challenge I have ever done. The fact that it says 70km and the word “extremely” in one sentence, says everything to me. This is the start. This is the moment. This is my moment to make it count. To show myself more than anyone, that I am capable of an Ultra.

I will finish this.

I will be smiling.

I can’t wait.

I will sing this song.

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