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The steps of Razor (Ramone’s) Back

Today’s hike was a simple one. Kadoorie Farm to Tai To Yan and down to Fanling. Organised by a friend, Etienne, I went with Nick too. I had looked at the hike before hand and didn’t notice one major thing. Steps. Dam steps. I hate steps.

The first .75km was pure steps. I’ll admit that I am not doing well with steps. I end up after a very short time feeling drained. I can’t work out if its a nutrition thing or an actual muscle thing. Either way, I am not doing too well. I hated it. I was instantly having those moments of regret. Regretting entering the races. Regretting the idea of even being able to do the Lantau 70. I thought about quitting all the races. I thought about just deleting this blog. Just giving up all together. It was horrific.

Then a song started playing in my head.

“Come here and do the right thing
Get up and have a party
Come here and do the right thing
Get up and have a party

Young Fathers – Get Up

I had to finish. I had to get up. I had to do this. This was not the worst I had faced. So I started just slowly pushing myself more. Etienne and Nick were probably already up there. I couldn’t stop now. I got there.

Once we were at the top of Tai To Yan, I felt much better. The views were stunning. We could see all the way up to Shenzhen and I could see down to where we had come. This was the important bit. I could see the steepness of the Razor Back. I could see how hard it was. This wasn’t an easy first 1km. But I did it.

A quick litre of Pocari Sweat and instantly felt energised and ready for the rest. I started to run down and attack the small hills that we approached. I started to like this. I started enjoying this all over again.

There were a few more minor hills but nothing that I didn’t feel to awful doing. I ran down and thoroughly enjoyed that. I knew I was doing well on the down. I knew this and the flats were my zone. I just need to get the ups sorted.

IMAG1314 IMAG1315 IMAG1316
IMAG1318 IMAG1319 IMAG1320

Movescount Data

How to get there:

I went to Tai Wo and then got the 64k to Kadoorie Farm. The hike starts next to the opposite bus stop.

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