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“Training is what you are doing while your opponent sleeps”


Two photographs. One man. One major difference.

The photo on the left comes from the London Marathon in 2007. I completed the marathon in 5 hours and 30 something minutes. It started with a lovely seven mile run, then slowly, progressively turned into a nightmare. Every minute of running, every minute of light jogging, every step I took walking hurt. Knees hurt. Ankles hurt. Mentally I was strong. I had to be. My parents were watching. My then girlfriend was watching. Her family. I had to finish. I didn’t deserve to. I didn’t deserve to cross the line. I didn’t really deserve to even rock up to the start. There were people training daily. Training for years. Applying and never getting through the ballot. And then there was me. A charity place. No ballot necessary. And as for training, I didn’t. The silver LunaGlide trainers had a total of six miles on them. A six mile jog three weeks beforehand. I look at this photo and it doesn’t show me completing a marathon to the best of my ability. It shows a lack of organization and preparation. And yes Rachel beat me.

The right photo is the same man. Not in a race. I’m training. This is run twenty three in 30 days. It’s the 226 kilometer since the 1st August. The Nike Wild Horse have ran a total of 53km. The Hoka One One are now on 105 km. Shit has got real. Training is now not something I do weeks before a race, but a weekly and often daily occurrence. So much so I now have signed up to a coach – Andy DuBois of Mile 27.

Why did I sign up to a coach? Accountability. That is what was lacking in the London Marathon. I had no one to account to. I had no goal. I wanted to run the Marathon not for some fitness thing but just to say I did it. I mean no one I knew ran. No one I knew really got the idea of running. I didn’t get the idea of running because I didn’t have a reason to run. I didn’t see the purpose. I have a purpose and a reason now, and I want to be good. I know I am not going to win races, but I want to scare the shit out of the people ahead of me.

Andy has me doing many different things,

Tempo runs, long runs, hill repeats, track nights, body weight exercises, motivation strategies.

I see why and I see an improvement, not necessarily in my speed but mentally. All those who know me, will get when I say that sometimes I don’t stick to plans. Here I am sticking to the plan and working towards my goal. I will run 100 miles and I will do it and one thing is for sure…

Rachel wont beat me.


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