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MSIG 24KM. Done. Butchers Club Burger. A little too well done.


So I did it. I ran 24km. 3 hours 39 minutes. I wanted to do it in 4 hours. So very very happy.

I know for some people who read this, they run further and probably faster than me. But this is a massive mile stone in the Trail to 100 kilometres and beyond.

This was an awesome race. One that I thoroughly enjoyed for lots of different reasons.

The race started at the Peak Galleria and twisted down and around Pok Fu Lam. A combination of hills, concrete catch waters and long concrete roads.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 17.00.54

Things I have learned.

1. The Nike Wildhorse’s have faults. Concrete downhills. The shoes are great on trail. Anything slightly gnarly and they excel. Up hills fine. Flats are fine. But long concrete downhills and they are just not right. They have very little in the way of cushioning and so long downhill sounding your knees and ankle – and the Wildhorse’s just don’t cut it. Which puts me in a massive dilemma for next weekend’s Lantau 70. Do I go for the shoes I feel most comfortable in, or the shoes that support my foot the best? Decisions, decisions…


2. Rookie mistakes cost later in the race. I started way too fast. The first 5k was blinding. I was passing people. I was comfortable. It was a nice downhill concrete section. I felt good. I felt fast. Too fast. I should have paced better. The first ten k was comfortable. The second 14k was long and hard and the legs were tired. I was tired. I over exerted myself and this cost me later in the race. This was a rookie mistake. I had a goal in mind and I should never have over stepped the pace. Lesson learned.

3. I nailed the nutrition element. This has been an issue since day one. I just haven’t got the right pre race nutrition or the right in race nutrition. It has been a mess. From vomiting up hills to running out of energy. Everything that has gone wrong, has. And has done so epically. Not today though. I started the day with UCAN. Before the race I did one gel. I had water and a tester of Tailwind to see how my stomach would react. It didn’t and still hasn’t. I felt good and at no point felt out of energy. I felt tired, well my legs did but in terms of actual energy, no issues arose.

4. The Beef and Liberty vs. Butchers Club Burger debate continues…


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