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“Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional”


“I need you to be who you supposed to be.
Don’t let nobody stop you from being who you supposed to be.
Don’t let nobody out talk you.
Don’t let nobody tell you the doors are shut.
Don’t let nobody tell you that opportunities don’t exist.
Don’t let nobody tell you that.
I need you to be who you supposed to be
’cause when you are who you supposed to be,
you Superhuman!”

– Eric Thomas


Last night I had a terrible sleep. The combination of nightmares and lack of sleep has left me feeling jaded and worried about this Saturday. Worried about the Lantau 70. Worried about failing. Worried about my legs. Worried about everything.

But I am prepared. I have a plan. I know the food I am taking. I know the speed I need to do. I know the route. I know the hills. I know the flats. I know what to do. But yet the nay-saying thoughts are there. The fear and doubt of going further than I ever have been is scary. I have ran 42 kilometres before in the London Marathon. It hurt. I was ill prepared. That’s a lie, I wasn’t prepared at all.

With this though, I have prepared. I am ready. I just have to conquer this fear, and relax. Enjoy myself. I will be in pain and I will suffer, but I want my reward. I want the medal. I want the beer. I want the finish. I want the smile. I want the success.


1. Nutrition Plan

Simple plan really. UCAN before the race, Tailwind throughout with a small amount of water. Gel’s before the climbs. Solid food half way. Salty crisps at Tai O. Some UCAN again and then back to Tailwind for the finish.


2. Route Plan

Walk the hills, run some of the downs. Power through the flats. Spend time at CP’s. Check I am ready. This is merely 4 hikes. All doable. Look to get to the next checkpoint. This isn’t a 70km race but four smaller ones.


3. Mental Plan

This isn’t about winning. The only battle to win is me versus my legs. Me versus my mind. Me versus the need to stop. Remember one simple thing, I am ready. I have come too far to quit now – nothing is impossible and neither is this run.


Guess it is time to Rise and Shine


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