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HER, RD, HAN, HK100. An Acronymically Late Post

I don’t think I have posted in two weeks now. And in that time so much has happened.


1. HER Fund.

I decided a while ago, when I originally signed up for the HK100, that it shouldn’t just be about me. I know it will be. But I wanted to use the excuse of running a 100km as a way of highlighting an issue that I am very passionate about. I have ran for charities in the past and they were all huge charities and very prominent in the UK.


I decided to run the HK100 and raise money for HER fund. This is a charity that works with women to help empower them, fight injustice and abuse, and I think its wonderful local charity in Hong Kong. I know there are other charities more linked to sports and even men, but I thought that this was a charity that just didn’t get the coverage that they deserve.

You can donate here:



2. Race Director for Hard As Nayls

A few weeks ago while running the weekly track session, I offered to help a friend organize a race. Being a teacher, I’m always willing to help (and progressively take over a project, that is what us teachers like to do!) Anyway, not much was said. Then a two weeks ago, Richard asked me to be the Race Director. Me. Five months into running. “Are you sure?” I thought he was taking the michael. He wasn’t. So I’m now the RD for the Hard As Nayls race – a non profit Charity race in memory of Andy Naylor. Now I had never met Andy but he sounds like a complete legend. A quality trail runner. A quality marathon runner. A triathlete. A father. A husband. And from what it sounds like, a seriously nice guy.


The race itself is tough. A combination of roads, trails, steep hills and fast technical descents. At the moment, we have sponsors and a website due to go live very soon. I will post more info as I make it!!


3. HK100 Training

And… lets not forget about the fact that I am training for my first (successfully completed) ultra. Last week was a write-off as I felt like poop. So I eventually ran once and did track. It wasn’t a successful week at all. Then on Sunday, I had what can only be described as an amazingly fun run with Michceala. A combination of the Wilson Trail, a climb to Lion Rock, a descent to Amah rock and then some seriously overgrown underused random trail which ended up in a graveyard.

The views over Shatin and Ma On Shan were just outstanding. This is now called the “Best Trail In The Tai Wai Area.”

Was brilliant. Around 13km and just fun. This really made me realize why I am doing all this, it isn’t for fitness, or to prove a point, but it is because I am genuinely enjoying it. Like massively. If you enjoy something you do it more and do it harder.


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