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Vibram Hong Kong 100 Training #1. Start to CP2.

hk10A long run learning the route of the start of the HK100. Met up with some friends and some new people via a Facebook group to train. There were a range of abilities from Etienne and Josh who powered through sections to others who hiked the majority of the at a decent pace. I hadn’t trained the week leading up to this so was not in any fit state to run. It was amazing to see what happens when you don’t train.

The start was great, a slow concrete decent before heading on to a trail. Runable but walked it. Then the a quick run around the reservoir before slowly heading up. The trail varied from steps to scrambling up and over. The day started warm and then progressively got hotter. At one point hitting 33. This was not good and slowly I burned out. Water was running out and as it did, I became hotter and hotter, and slower.

The views were breath taking. Every time I run I must lose around 15 minutes just on pausing and staring. Every a few climbs we descended on to the first of two beaches that you run across. So tempting to run into the sea and cool down. Carrying on we climbed and eventually slowly descended and followed the trail to Wong Shek Pier. This was not a good run with the lack of weekly training leading up to it.


Things I learned:

1. The Wildhorse’s need to retire. This was painful. The shoes I love to wear just don’t offer enough support. But they are so comfy. Far easier on my feet than the Hokas. Decisions.

2. Heat is my nemesis. Next year I will train through heat, snow, water, floods. I cannot allow anything to be my nemesis.

Strava Link: Click Here


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