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HK100 Recce #3: CP5 to CP6 to Sha Tin Pass


So the third part of the HK100 recce starting at CP5 in Sai Kung/Ma On Shan border and finishing at Shatin Pass. Starting with a long climb up concrete, then turning to a trail and then long drawn out steps. As I was power hiking up the concrete, I overtook a guy who looked rather unimpressed. In fact, I would say he was miffed. Covered head to toe in the same brand sportswear, I could tell he would eventually power past me. Not because he was better but because he was annoyed.

From the top of the hike, it turned into a lovely run-able trail. I was smiling. I was happy. I was giggling. This felt good. The longer I ran, the better I felt. The better I felt, the longer I kept running. Eventually Mr CompressSport overtook me just before the descent down. It was damp. I was taking my time. I didn’t want to run as hard and as fast as I could. I wanted to stay on my feet and stay running.

About one km down the hill, I found Mr CompressSport. In a pile. Knees cut. Hands cut. Ego dented. I stopped gave him the alcohol wash I carry. He said, “I wanted to beat you to Shatin Pass.” Fool.

I continued down to Tate’s Cairn and hit the concrete road. I was dreading this part. Whenever I have ran with the Wildhorse’s, they have let me down on long concrete downhills. Not today. Today was their chance to shine and they did. Ran down at a reasonable pace. Was surprisingly foggy so ended up wearing my headlight just to warn people I was there.

Arrived at Shatin Pass and stopped for a few to get some water and just to take a breather. This was, well I think so anyway, the best training route so far. I felt comfortable which was super important. And I now feel confident. After the beating in Sai Kung the previous week, this was just what I needed.


Strava Link:“>Click Here


Lessons learned:

1. Run your own race. The guy was stupid and pushed himself beyond his own limitations to beat someone who didn’t care. I have my game plan and I will stick to it!

2. Wildhorses fight back. After last week and the pain I suffered with teh Wildhorse’s on, I was quick to blame them. This week it seems that they are the perfect ones for the day.

3. This is fun. I giggled. I smiled. I laughed. I was having fun running. This is going from somewhere I have to do, to something that I want to do!


And this is what I listened to as I came over the path up over the hill. Just beautiful.

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