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Halted Midflow: 27 July – 2nd August

So after the review, I decided to start the week off by logging everything. So every step, every metre elevation, everything nutrition for all the things I do in terms of my running. I needed to just do it.

With 56 days till STY it is time to step up a gear. I have until the 11th of August in England in nice perfect weather for runs so it makes sense to push hard here.

Monday –  Getting the legs ticking over

A mid afternoon post jet-lag run. Couldn’t catch my breath at all. Felt like someone had punched me in the chest. Kept having to stop and lie down and take some serious breaths. Not sure what that was about. Very strange.

Distance – 2.4 km

Pace – 5:44/km

Shoes – Salomon X-Series

Nutrition – Nothing

Tuesday – The Inaugural Lionel Ritchie Easy As A Tuesday Morning 5km Challenge.

A nice easy run at 5am on a  cold English morning.  Didn’t push too hard as didn’t feel too great, I mean it was 5am. Running through the fields next to Tonbridge School was surreal with rabbits and foxes just hanging out together. Lungs felt much better than yesterday. Not sure what was going on but strange to say the least.

Distance – 5.1km

Pace – 6:13/km

Shoes – New Balance Leadville 1210

Nutrition – 500 ml soft flask of water



Wednesday – rest day

Ended up going into Covent Garden and discovered Southampton Street. An entire street of outdoor running and hiking stores. Ended up in Ellis Bingham buying the new Inov8 Terraclaw 250 and some of the Inov8 Ultra socks. Hoping these will be the shoe for UTMF STY.



Thursday – Stevie, are you okay? Stevie, are you okay? Are you okay, Stevie?

I’m not the biggest fan of the speed based workouts. I find them hard. I find that they are by far the hardest of all the bits I have to do. Today’s one was fun. However, half way through the second

I stupidly said no when I my watch asked me to save. Not sure why but it was stupid as this was by far one of the best workouts I have done.

The new Inov8’s were great and very snug. Still leave plenty of room for the toes to splay also. Found that they were quite good on the road too. My concern would be how long the lugs would last.

Distance – 10.97 km

First set: 5:20/km, 4:45/km, 3:50/km – 2 minutes rest

Second Set: 5:20/km, 4:50/km, 3:45/km – 2 minutes rest

Third Set: 5:15/km, 4:50/km, 3:50/km – 4 minutes rest

Fourth Set: 5:20/km, 4:40/km, 3:35/km – dead

Shoes – Inov8 Terraclaw 250

Nutrition – 2 x 500ml soft flask – one with water – one with 2 scoops of Orange Tailwind


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – Blister City

After an afternoon of walking around London, I noticed that I was getting a small amount of pain just below my toes. I continued walking. In Vans. With socks. But the pain was getting significantly worse. My intention was a nice two hour easy run towards a fishing lake around 10-12km from where I am staying. The pain got worse and eventually spread to the other foot too. Anyway, note to self – Vans are not suitable shoes anymore. Decided to take a few days off to give them a chance to heal. Will restart on Monday with na early evening run.



Distance – 0

Pace – 0

Shoes – Never wear Vans again.

Week total

Total km – 18.5 km

Total Time on Feet –  3:15.

Total Elevation – 42 m

Miles off where I wanted to be with a week so perfect for running. Heal, rest, better next week. The last three days have taken it’s mental toll and I am far from happy. Quite a dark place. It is hard when you feel fine but two pretty painful blisters are haltering my progress. Considering these are from a pair of now binned vans, and not running, is pissing me off too.


Have some more time in England so will push on next week. 56 days till STY.


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