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“They told me I should just quit; But I’ve been deaf since I was three – so I didn’t listen” – 10th August – 16th August

Ever since I was three years old, I have had various people tell me I couldn’t do this or do that. Whether it was academic or sports or anything in-between; I was told, you can’t do that, you aren’t capable, you are just going to fail. I guess part of me took that on board and did become slightly less willing to try, less willing to fail and certainly less willing to win.

When I decided to run 100km, people like this came out of the woodwork. “You can’t do it.”  “You haven’t been training long enough.” “You won;t be mentally ready.” “You don’t know what you are doing?” “Why would you do this?” “What’s the point?”

In the words of Derrick Coleman:  “They told me I should just quit; But I’ve been deaf since I was three – so I didn’t listen.”



Nearly every run that I do of any distance, there are always two or three things that come to mind; first would be “I haven’t had a drink since…”, second would be “How do I feel inside?”, and third would be “I miss my dad” followed by a swift one minute cry.  It would be my Dad’s 63rd birthday on Sunday of this week. There were several things that my dad taught me. From being your own person to being not scared to take a risk. I do miss him badly so this weeks piece of music is one of his favourites.


A particular tough week with all the good intentions. Had a well planned mode of attack with some great routes ready. Just didn’t happen. Whether the thought of my dad’s birthday or whatever, it just didn’t happen. I had no motivation. Nothing at all. Couldn’t face any runs at all. With less than five weeks till the UTMF STY, this was a worst case scenario.


Monday – Dynamic Exercises

Tuesday – Flight 

Wednesday – Nothing

Thursday – UTM Everything

So at Gone Running we decided to work on a UTM Night – an evening where people heard stories from some epic runners about the various different races at the UTMB and UTMF. I can’t wait to get started at the UTMF STY. Will be one of the highlights of my short running career! With some great speeches on the night and an equally brilliant compere – we were really pleased with how the evening went.


Copyright: Knattapisit Krutkrongchai

Friday – Nothing

Had an interesting meeting at the AFCD running through all the rules and regulations of getting permits and planning for events. Can’t wait to get started on this. Recently, have been working with three awesome people on an events company called….

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 18.53.22

Seriously excited about RaceBase and we have our first event on the 12th of September; The Great Relay Hong Kong. Should be a great event.


Saturday – Nothing

Sunday – Nothing


Week total

Total km – O km

Total Time on Feet – 0hr 0min

Total Elevation – 0 m


Just crap. Even writing this is upsetting. Easily the worst week I have ever had. Just really disappointed. I am not a quitter and I certainly don’t see the end of the path, but this week has been a massive detour.




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