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Etienne’s Miracle Water : 17th August – 23rd August

Every now and then someone does something amazing. This week my friend Retha completed the Transrockies race.  A 120 mile run through the Rockies. I’ve looked at this race while she was doing it and it looks bloody amazing. Then on Monday when I woke up I saw this…

Retha with Rob Krar

Rob bloody Krar. Simply put, slightly jealous. This looked like such an amazing run and would love to do it at some point. But I’ll keep to my list that I have for now…

FKA Twigs – M3LL155X

Monday and Tuesday – Exercises  and TRX

I hate the TRX. Just hard. I know it is making things better but combine it with Andy’s dynamic bodyweight stuff and it just hurts. So I did it two days running…

Wednesday – Slow and Slow. Body Temperature Regulation

With the heat in full swing, a mere 34 degrees, I decided to do a run where I knew there were plenty of streams and pools of cold water on the way. I knew that my body would need to be slowed right down to be able to get through two hours of this. I had planned to leave early, but like all good plans, I ended up leaving at 11. This was going to be tough. But the views more than made up for it.

I wore my Salomon pack but filled with frozen picnic coolers – not the huge ones but small packs. These helped for around 20 minutes before they melted. Then it was a case of run, jump in pool, run, jump in pool, walk, hide in shade. I ended up at the Peak where I proceeded to pour 2 litres of the cheapest water over my head. The tourists loved it. Probably as I was topless.

Distance – 7.1km

Time – 2 hour

Pace – 9.43/km

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Nutrition – 500 ml water, 2 x 500 ml Tailwind

Just a shout out to my friend, Kenji’s, new barber shop. On Wellington Street and definitely worth a visit. Just great. He also does a great haircut. The Duke’s has a barbers, cigar room and private whiskey room.

Thursday – High West Evening Run

Distance – 7.5 km

Time –  1:47 hour

Pace – 10:10/km

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Nutrition – 500 ml water (iced)

Friday – Exercises and TRX

Saturday – Lantau 2 Peaks or Bust!

This was going to hurt regardless of weather. A recce of the Action Asia Events 2 Peaks race. Starting at Tung Chung, up some crazy steps to Sunset Peak, then over Lantau Peak to Ngong Ping. Then the Donkey Trail back down to Tung Chung. Tough and a lot of climbing.

So I met up with Team Green (Nic, Nia, Paul and Brendan) and Jeremy Ritcey with Etienne. This would be a tough day out – they are all crazy quick. Jeremy being sponsored by Salomon in Hong Kong.

Started nice and easy, I say easy, I thought it was, until the steps up to Sunset Peak. Sweet baby cheese’s. This was hard. There was no breeze and the harder I pushed the harder I fell. After a while I could no longer see the rest of the guys. I was suffering pretty bad. I was hot. I was tired. My stomach was all over the place. The heat does wonders to my body – many of them not good!

After around an hour, I finally got to the top of these steps. I had got through just over 2/3’s of the water and Tailwind I was carrying. This was far from ideal. I still hadn’t gone over the top of Sunset. I took sometime to evaluate where I was and how I was feeling. I wasn’t bleeding. I wasn’t broken. I could still move forward. So I continued. As I started to ascend the last bit of Sunset Peak there was a touch of a breeze. I stopped to take the breeze in and cool down. I had 500ml of water to get me to Ngong Ping. This wasn’t a good idea. I continued to jog until I hit the steps down to Pak Kung Au. I took my time knowing the harder I pushed here the hotter I would get and this would mean the need of more water.

The steps are pretty hard as they are different sizes and depths between. Still i ploughed on enjoying it. The views were just tremendous. As I slowly got closer to the road I knew I would need to make a serious call on what to do next – continue to Ngong Ping or head back to Tung Chung via bus.

As I arrived, I could see Etienne, who had been with the other group, waiting for me.

Have you ran out of water?

I replied with an emphatic “Yes!”

Thought so – I brought this for you.

He passed me an ice cold Hydra Pak bottle – frozen in the middle – 750ml of ice cold water! I couldn’t believe it. I knew Etienne had recce’d this route earlier in the week and said it was tough. I had no idea. I sat down and took some water and just smiled. So generous of Etienne to do this.

After a while we continued on a trail down to Tung Chung. Interspersed between the seating areas and the various monasteries we passed were rock pools. Just heaven. The trail was slow. Well, I was. We ended up coming out around 2km from Tung Chung. The heat was hot and walking alongside the road was just too much for both of us. We hailed a cab and got to the MTR.

Hard day in Lantau. Thank god the weather at STY will be cooler and there will be a bare minimum number of steps!


Distance – 12.6 km

Time –  2:34 hour

Pace – 12:13/km

Shoes – Inov8 Terraclaw

Nutrition – 500 ml water (iced), 1 litre Tailwind, 750ml Etienne’s miracle water

Lessons Learned

  1. Don’t try and start fast with fast people.
  2. Stairs, stairs and stairs. Need to get this sorted before the Lantau 70. Down isn’t too bad but up needs work.
  3. Carry more water than I think I need.
  4. Terraclaw are looking good for STY but need to do more in the HOKA’s or the Leadville 1210’s.

Monday early morning – High West Morn

After yesterday’s pain, I was having some serious quad issues today. So will hit High West very eary tomorrow. Get a nice run in before work.

Distance – 7.7km

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Nutrition – 500 ml water (iced)

Week overview

Total km – 34.9 km + early morning Monday

Total Time on Feet – 7 hr 18 min

Total Elevation – 2,192 m

Weight – 80.2 kg

(I think keeping an eye on my weight is key to getting faster. I was 83.5kg at the start of the last week, the heaviest I had been since the Lantau Vertical last September)


Not a bad week, missed out the speed session but will ensure that this coming week is stronger. Mentally feeling much better. Last week was hard on so many levels; whether it was jetlag, my Dad’s birthday or just general fatigue. This week is much much better. So many different people sent me a message to say “Hey, don’t worry!” It is an amazing community of people and I’m glad I have a little role within it.



This week I have tried to decrease my intake of soda and increase my intake of greens. Have started taking on a smoothie every morning full of berries and nutrients. Feels pretty good. May start taking on more during the day once I get back to work.




With the “Race Across The Sky” over this weekend, I am seriously excited to watch. This race has been on my radar since I started running. I can’t quite work out what it is. Is it the fact that its the highest in the U.S. or just the romantic notion of the old town trying to rediscover itself. I will head there one day.

Want to say a massive shout out to Law Chor Kin who is on his way to do the Grand Slam of Ultra Running. With two done, at the time of writing he was 15 miles away from finishing Leadville. Just an unbelievable run.

Leadville Start and Finish Copyright: Law ChorKin

Leadville Start and Finish
Copyright: Law ChorKin

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