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[らくはくのたね、くはらくのたね (Pleasure is the seed of pain, pain is the seed of pleasure) :24th August – 30th August


I am so, so excited. There are officially 28 days to go as I write this on Sunday 30th August. 28 days till I attempt to run one of the world’s great races. Not only that but 28 days to go till I go back to Japan with so so many other people that I know. Four more weeks of solid training and I will be ready.


Kingpin Bill Murray


This week I have mostly been listening to a band called Elohim.


Monday –  Friday

Well what a great week that was. I woke up on Monday feeling a little but I ignored it and go on. Went to work and had our first meetings of the year. Sniffing throughout. I presumed just the aircon on too low during the night. Had a lazy afternoon as wasn’t feeling too good. The next day I woke up feeling worse, went to work and more meetings about meetings. Went home and went to bed. Sweating, coughing, sneezing. Just rotten. Ended up at the doctors on Wednesday and was given more drugs than you can shake a stick at. Two days off work and no running till Saturday at the earliest. Far from ideal. In fact, the opposite of ideal. Not happy.



This is what arrived on my Whatsapp on Thursday…


Michael, one of the other founders of RaceBase is in France at the UTMB. He ended up meeting the legend that is Scott Jurek and asked him to sign a picture for RaceBase. Just amazing and will go in the office!


Saturday –  When you fall off, Get back on the Trail. 

High West and Home: What The Doctor Ordered. 

Distance – 7.7 km

Pace – 8.47/km

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Nutrition – 2 x 500 ml Salomon Soft Flasks of water


Sunday – 

Distance – 0 km

After feeling so much better yesterday, today has turned back the clock. Waking up with a horrific chesty cough and sinus based head ache just kept me inside and off the trail for another day. Next week now means a tough week getting back and ready. Four more weeks till STY and now every day counts more.

Mentally ready. Physically, we will see.


This weeks nutrition plan has been mainly to get better as quickly as I can.


Week overview

Total km – 7.7 km

Total Time on Feet – 1 hour 15

Total Elevation –  437m

Weight – 79.5 kg – very happy especially with the minimal amount of running I have been able to do!

(Last week –  80.2 kg)

(I was 83.5kg at the start of the last week, the heaviest I had been since the Lantau Vertical last September)


Ultra-Trail Du Mont Blanc; UTB, TDS, CCC, PTL.

So many people deserve a massive shout out. From Dave Martin and Sabrina who nailed the CCC. To all those who did the TDS: Milos, Stephanie (with maximum amounts of drama helped by Simon and Julia from Like The Wind), and Bei.

At the main event, Stone Tsang, home town hero, came in 18th! For the third year running! A phenomenal run by one of the nicest people I have ever met. So humble and kind.

Michael, part of RaceBase, who has trained like a boss for months leading up to this, ended up in under 30 hours and finishing 94th! Massive amount of respect for Michael. So proud to call him a friend. He came in with Clement Dumont – Asia Trail’s editor. A brilliant run by both of them.


Not forgetting the unforgettable John Ellis. After having some issues with altitude and being in a dark place for some of the race, finishing in around 36 hours. He now looks forward to the UTMF as well. A brilliant run by someone who is again, a good friend and a great runner!

Well done to all those other people that I’ve probably forgotten.  


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