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I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be: 7th September – 13th September

“An ultra is not a competition. It is much more. When you finish a race having won it, it happens many times that you are not satisfied. You’re happy, but that’s it. And the next day, you see people arriving at the square and you see they are crying with joy and happiness. Then you think: Look at them, man, they really won.”
– Kilian Jornet


This week I have mostly been listening to M83.


Monday –  Andy’s Exercises and a touch of TRX.


Tuesday – Race Director Duties Part 1 – The Manliest Shopping Day Ever.

Ended up doing nothing and instead went shopping for items for the race at the weekend. Generators, cones, water containers, pumps. Was ace.


Wednesday –  Morning Trail Repeats

Did a few ups and downs on the morning trail and then a few of old peak road. Was a tough session to be honest. I don’t think I hydrated enough in the lead up to this session. So when I started to push I just didnt have the energy and was desperately thirsty. Ended up dying around 1 hour 25 minutes in. Continued but just wasnt able to push any harder than I wanted to.

Distance – 8 km

Time – 1 hr 20 mins

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Nutrition – 1 x 500 ml water, 1 x 500 ml Tailwind.


Thursday –  You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round.


Did the morning trail and then a flat run around lugard round (runs around the peak). Slightly undulating but nothing major. Didn’t push too hard as I wanted a solid run without stopping or walking. Felt good and was nice to slow things down a bit.
Distance – 9.0 km

Pace – 10:20/km

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Nutrition – 1 x 500 ml water.


Bootcamp Misery

giphy (1)

Squats, squats and more squats. Was invited to a bootcamp by Jeremy Ritcey and Valerie Lagarde – two fantastic runners. They asked a PT friend to do a bootcamp for runners specifically targeting hill climbing. Good god. That hurt. A lot. Will be back next week..


Friday –  HK Trail. 

Slow run on the HK Trail. Wasn’t overly happy with pace but it was more about time on feet and just getting comfy. Took full pack with all the clothing for STY. Left thigh has been a touch tense all week and was no exception here.

Distance – 12.8 km

Pace – 12:41 /km

Shoes – Inov8 Terraclaw 250

Nutrition – Nothing


Preparation for The Great Relay…


Saturday –  The Great Relay – Race Director Duties

This was the first event that RaceBase put on in conjunction with Vlad Ixel. I was putting on my Race Director cap and although mentally and physically exhausting – I loved it. There is a certain excitement knowing that these people are running your race. I know that all of us were super excited at the start and felt relieved at the end. Not relieved it was over but relieved that it was a great day out for all the runners. We wanted to create something a bit more than just a race and I think we pulled it off.


Sunday –  shorter than it should have been, by a lot. 

After the exhaustion generated by a 15 hour day on Saturday; this was never going to be pretty. A very slow long painful day out.

Distance – 13 km

Time – 3.5 hours.

Shoes – New Balance Leadville’s 1210.

Nutrition – 4 x 500 ml – 2 Tailwind, 2 water.


Week overview

Not a bad week – slow admittedly but got some decent time on feet.

Total km –  50.8 km

Total Time on Feet – 8 hours

Weight -78.1 kg – haven’t been a very good boy this week..

(Last week –  78.2kg)

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