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Joy Ful and the Infinite Gladness: 14th September – 20th September

“The turmoil of emotion that permeates my every day – the doubts, the fears, the hopes, the apprehensions, the joy – is held in suspension. There is a quiet within my movement. I think. But my thoughts are not my master. For the moment I am simply running. Identity and purpose are irrelevant. To be running is enough. Because if I am running then I am alive. And to be alive is everything.”

Lizzy Hawker from her amazing book, Runner; The Memoirs of An Accidental Ultra-Marathon Champion.


This week I have mostly been listening to Brandon Flowers.


Monday –  Exercises + TRX


Tuesday –  Birthday! and Semi Speed Work

Distance – 6.6 km

Time – 62 minutes ( 2 x 12 at a faster pace)

Shoes – Salomon X Series during the day with lots of blister plasters.

Nutrition – Nothing

giphy (7)

Felt decent on this. Hit the trail leading from Conduit to the waterfalls. Semi flat and a good place to run hard and fast. Was a nice run but bugged me out that I didn’t go harder at the end.


So… working on a little something for Gone Running and talking to a few runners – athletes and authors… then I get this email…


Wow! Big things! And all will be revealed soon!


Wednesday –  High West Shenanigans 

Distance – 8.2 km

Time– 65 minutes

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Nutrition – Nothing

Probably my favorite run of all. Straight up the Morning Trail and then head up to High West. I always end up sitting for a little while just looking at the view. Stunning.



Thursday –  HK Trail

Distance – 7.1 km

Time– 75 minutes

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Nutrition – Nothing

Slow and easy. Straight along the HK trail from the waterfalls to the Old Peak Road. Then a slow walk up to the peak and then home. Very very easy.


Friday –  Rest Day / Blisteritis


Saturday –  Rest Day


Sunday –  Violet Hill Shiggy


Distance – 4.7 km

Pace – 9:44/km

Shoes – Inov8 Terraclaw 250

Nutrition – 2 x UD Hard Bottles with Tailwind, 1 x 500 ml soft flask water.

A nice slow with some friends. Started at Parkview and then headed up and over Violet Hill. I then decided to follow a path over some other hills. Ended up on a very overgrown trail with some pretty tough descending bits. Good for the sextion after A8 on the STY next week!


Week overview

Total km –  26.6 km

Total Time on Feet – 5:30ish

Weight -78.8 kg – bloody birthday

(Last week –  78.1kg)

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