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Rest, Recover, Review; 28th September -25th October

Three weeks since the STY and only now can I begin to get my mind back in the game. I had weeks of knowing I need and wanting to run; and yet I felt demotivated. Flat. Unwilling. 

So we did something major….

This week I have mostly been listening to Drake.

This week:

Monday – TRX and Andy’s exercises. 


Tuesday – relax


Wednesday – Two Times Needle Hill

A Team Tailwind day out at Needle Hill. With Jeri, John and I participating in a half marathon of hill repeats. My plan and intention was a short time out. With Lantau 70 ten days away it made sense not killing myself. So instead we tested out shoes, socks and gear. Discovered that the Flight Series bag from The North Face Japan just wasn’t the right choice. A decent day out.

Distance – 4.5 km

Time – 67 minutes

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Elevation – 577m

Nutrition – Tailwind – Caffeinated – Bad move.


Thursday – rest day


Friday to Sunday – Alex’s Stag

What happens on a stag, stays on a stag…



So 6am, 6th August, Farnham is where I will line up with 299 other men and women to step up the mark. Step up to a goal a year ago was just a dream. Just a “maybe I could.” Just a “yeah, right, you’ll never do that.”

Well North Downs Way 100 – I’m coming. I’m motivated.

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