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2nd November – 22rd November

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

– Dalai Lama


Post Lantau 70 has been a week of smiles and being thankful. There was much to be happy with. I finished a race which after UTMF STY was a key goal. I felt that I have the mental ability to get through a race and also the physical ability wasn’t bad. I do think a lot of the issues come down to the actual shoes I was wearing. SO this needs to be reviewed. The feet are key in these situations. Once you have issues there, they travel up the legs.


So one of the biggest issues with the race was the cramp. This was a key feature from around 15km in. Now that in the grand scheme of things is super soon to happen. So theoretically, there are a few things that you would want to consider in this situation:

  1. Hydration
  2. Salts and electrolytes
  3. Yoga or stretching
  4. Pickle Juice

However, for me, none of these matter.


In the last few weeks, I have been mostly listening to Dangerdoom.


Monday 2/11 – Tuesday 3/11


Wednesday – We be rollin’ 4/11


Thursday – 30 minutes slow 5/11


Friday. – 30 minutes slow 6/11


Saturday 7/11 – High West Jinks with Trail Running HK


Sunday – Rest Day 8/11


Monday 9/11 – Friday 13/11


Saturday 14/11 SYP > The Peak > Wan Chai

A great little run to the store. Felt good on the ups but serious issues with ITB meant I had to cut the run short. Getting down Wan Chai Gap with one dodgy knee wasn’t the most fun I have had…

Distance – 6.3 km

Pace – 6:49/km

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Elevation – 127m

Nutrition – 500ml Tailwind and 500ml of water


Sunday 15/11 to Wednesday 19/11

Nothing. No motivation. No feeling. No power.


20/11 – The North Face 50



Friday 21st November – Oxfam Trailwalker

Last year, I didn’t even know what Trailwalker was and this year I supported Team Green Boys team through the last two stages. Great fun and pushed hard to keep up. Carrying around 6 litres of water plus poles plus gels was an arduous task to say the least.

Really proud of how hard the guys pushed especially through some dark places.



Distance – 21.7 km

Pace – 7:56/km

Shoes – Salomon X Series

Elevation – 428m

Nutrition – Tailwind in a bladder, and 500ml of water


And then there is the legend that is Jeri Chua… running OTW in…


21/11 – Slow 30 minutes


22/11 – Bond, James Bond.

It is always nice to do things that aren’t related to running…




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