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The Heat is On: May

“Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.”

C. S. Lewis


This month I have been mostly listening to Island by Klangstof

and Drag Queen by The Strokes (which I think is amazing)

This month has been all about two things:

  1. The 9 Dragons Ultra Event
  2. New Job

The 9 Dragons is a project that at RaceBase really excites us. It probably the biggest event in terms of scale and logistics that we will do. It has been in the back of my mind since I started running just over 18 months ago. If the AFCD allow the course, honestly, its a beauty. Some incredibly climbs and something very different.

We can’t wait to get this announced and you can find out more here

This month I signed my contract for a new school. Incredibly excited to be moving and terrified at the same time. I honestly cant wait. It’ll be tough to move to a IB PYP school rather than a heavy textbook led school.


NDW Training

It really isn’t long to go until the North Downs Way 100. Actually it is only 56 days. 56. Shit. 8 weeks. Not long at all. And utterly terrifying. And utterly exciting. I can’t wait to toe the line on this race. It is constantly in my thoughts.

How I feel on the inside:


How I feel on the outside:


Tuesday’s  – Vertical Work

I secretly hate this. I know Andy knows I hate this. But it is making a huge difference when I hit hills. Not the same as being outdoors but being “forced” to go at a pace helps.



Wednesday – Spin Class and or easy run

I genuinely didn’t think I would enjoy RPM at Pure. I always thought Spin classes were full of dickheads. Maybe they are. Maybe I am one of those dickheads. Oh god.

Anyway, I try and nail a combination of the RPM classes and then a nice easy run. Like super easy.



Thursday – Long runs or Hill work

How it felt:


How I looked:



Friday’s – Rest


Saturday’s – Slow and Steady Long runs


Sunday’s – Slow recovery runs


Starting to feel good mentally which is always a battle with me. It is only a small battle and the war is far from won. Onwards and upwards.


P.S. You can follow me on Strava



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